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Your Kid Loves You | eCard

Your Kid Loves You | eCard

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Climate change in Kenya has resulted in more frequent and intense droughts, floods and disease outbreaks, leaving little opportunity for affected communities to recover. For families that rely on livestock for their livelihoods, this has been catastrophic because their herds cannot survive without water or grazing fields. The communities we work with raise goats and chickens to earn a steady, sustainable income from milk and eggs so that they can pay for their children's school fees, improve their homes, and save for emergencies. Oxfam’s work in Kenya includes water infrastructure projects like constructing boreholes, water tanks, and pipelines. We are also providing cash grants so families can buy food. All of our work aims to change unfair underlying systems, so that everyone has the education, resources, and opportunities they need not just to survive, but thrive. 

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