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Oxfam Aotearoa

Education for a Girl

Education for a Girl

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In rural Papua New Guinea, girls often miss school when they have their periods, because of cultural stigmas, and a lack of sanitary pads and private toilets. Oxfam and its local partner, conduct training sessions in schools, helping boys and girls feel comfortable discussing the topic of menstruation, and helping teachers track and support girls’ attendance. This work to break down the ‘shame factor’ is complemented by practical support, such as distributing reusable sanitary pads and installing water taps and private toilets in schools. Now, these young women will continue to get the education to which they have a right, and to get jobs that pay a living wage and improve their lives. All of our work aims to change unfair underlying systems, so that everyone has the education, resources, and opportunities they need not just to survive, but thrive.

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